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How to control the quality of the adhesive label printing

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Belongs to special printing self-adhesive label printing, usually the printing and post-press processing is done in the label making machine last, machining process that is more in a machine a few points to finish. Because are online processing, therefore sticker printing quality control is a comprehensive printing, processing problem, must from the material selection, equipment configuration and control to from aspects of the process route of comprehensive consideration and implementation, and follow up label products in the customer's application, in order to further improve the quality of label products.

A, selection of raw materials

Choosing raw materials, be sure to choose high quality, various physical and chemical indexes of qualified adhesive material, rather than choose expired or the physical and chemical indicators of unstable products. Because the latter, although the price is low, but because of this kind of material quality is not stable, in each working procedure is used up big, even lead to equipment can't normal processing, the waste of raw materials at the same time also waste a lot of manpower and material resources, the finished product label low tooling cost is not necessarily as a result, more serious is that customers return, and may suffer or even lose customers.

The selection of raw materials should consider the following two aspects.

1. The printing and processing properties of adhesive material

(1) the surface materials of surface gloss and color consistency, density uniformity

Up to some index determines the adhesive material uniformity of ink absorption, also determines the same batch label print color difference. Surface coating material strength determines whether the printing will produce large amounts of paper powder, is also the important indexes of the printing quality.

(2) the bottom paper, and the uniformity of surface material thickness and intensity of instruction

These measures not only relates to printing performance, decided to die-cutting uniformity and exhaust speed and an important index of paper edge fracture. If these indicators is too low, the label making machine without * speed production.

(3) the flatness or rewinding tension uniformity of the material

Leaflet printing or reel printing material smoothness correctly is to determine whether the press feed, run, and alignment, the paper. For drum materials, rewinding tension on the end of the roll material flatness, whether can seep, correct alignment play an important role.

(4) adhesives, silicone coating uniformity and the correct amount of coating

These indicators between straight by impact with the bottom paper labels of stripping force (mold), and the size of the stripping force directly affects the die cutting waste and the speed of the machine, stripping force also determines the label out of the situation, namely the application situation. In addition, the size of the amount of glue can also affect the material end of seep. So, when buying a self-adhesive materials to examine seriously, choosing the coating and coating of silicon material.