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How to use the small printer printing adhesive paper

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Usually, the adhesive live generally USES special reel paper label printing machine printing, but also can use small offset printing machine for printing. Have a business enterprise with a small offset printing stickers, good results have been achieved. Now the experience summed up as follows, for your reference.

1, do not use drum adhesive paper printing directly.

A few small printing no die cutting machine, paper cutting by hand, the edge is not smooth, size control is bad, there is no certain basic rules, easy to cause not normal paper. In addition, the drum after adhesive paper cut, itself has certain crimpness, cannot be flattened, automatic suction paper sheet-fed offset printing machine can't normal paper and printing.

2, when using the adhesive should be paid attention to the following:

(1) just cutting good adhesive paper, best air period of time, the incision of glue to dry, then computer printing.

(2) when use paper cutting knife cut paper, best cut the paper to get some specification.

(3) the paper cut, adhesive paper interlining inside the glue will be squeezed out, glue at the edge of the paper, must get rid of the glue overflow, otherwise it is easy to appear when printed double pieces, can't even walk normal paper, thus affecting overprint.

(4) if eager to printing, you can use the talcum powder coated on adhesive paper slit, make the glue dry.

(5) if you use the adhesive paper, paper go less than before, need to lower feed roller, prolong the time to feed the feed roller, the paper before the arrival of rules, realize the normal paper printing.

(6) printing after a period of time, need to press the side pull gauge, diao teeth, paper to wipe bat below the glue, clean with alcohol, and then continue to printing.

(7) with adhesive paper itself is two layers of paper, combined with sandwich contains a layer of glue, even heavier than general equal grams of paper. To print the thick adhesive paper, need to increase pressure paper the bat and the impression cylinder clearance, ensure the normal order of the paper paper.

In addition, adhesive paper is varied, have copper plate stickers, glass card stickers and plastic film adhesive, etc. When printing different adhesive paper, need different amount of water and ink, pay special attention to keep the ink balance while operating.