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Gravure and flexo in flexible packaging printing

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In fact, if you are careful, there are a lot of discussion around the gravure and flexo difference, and here I am also not long to describe, is easy to talk about it, hope to come to my company's web site to a friend can help.

1 into relatively less flexible printing equipment.

2 the flexible printing quality as well as intaglio printing, along with the anilox roll manufacturing technology and improvement of flexographic technology, flexible version of the quality will be improved gradually.

3 in terms of material matching, flexible printing required large amounts of material imports (expensive), and has achieved localization of intaglio printing consumables, and domestic supplies completely self-sufficient.

4 flexible printing has the very high environmental protection environmental protection aspect, intaglio printing is relatively less.

5 from cost Angle to consider, flexo printing in the printing of small batch products more economic, and gravure printing is more suitable for mass printing.