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The usage of printing machinery industry automation products

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According to China printing association, as of 2004, China has more than 90000 printing and packaging enterprises, more than 3 million employees, the enterprise widespread journalism, publishing, advertising, education, government, and all kinds of manufacturing, including 1700 professional printing enterprises. In 2004 China's printing industry output value reached 186.7 billion yuan.


Mainly provide mid-range equipment domestic printing machinery manufacturers, compared with foreign advanced level there is a big gap, main problem is that the single varieties, low level of automation and production efficiency is low, far cannot satisfy the needs of the domestic market. Market demand of high-end printing equipment mainly imported from China. According to the association of printing machinery, by the end of 2005, the total of host printing machinery manufacturing enterprises in China, 240 (not including spare parts and equipment manufacturers). Printing machinery industry output value of 4.5 billion yuan in 2005, flat with the previous year.


There are many different kinds of Chinese printing machinery model and automation level varies widely, has a mimeograph machine without power supply, also has a fully automatic multi-color web press. On the use of automation products of printing machinery, automation products in the printing machinery equipment is used to set the process parameters and control operation. Printing machine mainly includes the following parts: the control of the speed control, ink control, automatic alignment, tension control, the control, automatic measurement and control system of paper and print quality, etc., in sheet-fed presses and is widely used in the web press, greatly improve the mechanical and electrical integration level of the printing machinery, to improve the production efficiency, reduce the preparation time and improve production rate), reduce material waste, and adapt to the production of multiple varieties and small batch have the very big help.


Due to the particularity of the Chinese market, the demand for low-end products, the largest of the mid-range equipment automation level is low, so the whole of China printing machinery automation level than Europe and the United States advanced level lag behind. In controller, for example, foreign printing machinery has PLC as standard, and there are more than a third of domestic printing machine in the use of relay control. In many domestic brands of single machine equipment, digital tube is still widely used, and Europe and the United States products all use the LCD and touch screen.


According to China's industrial control network, now the domestic printing machinery automation products mainly USES the following:

Control system: PLC, IPC, relay, field bus, the special controller;

Drive control, frequency converter, dc speed regulation;

Motion control, servo, stepper;

The man-machine interface: text display, touch screen, the tablet

Electrical components and sensors, photoelectric switch, trip switch, etc