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The development history and status quo of bag making machin

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In recent years, the industry automation demand rising, at present, the development space is huge in our country. Packaging industry's annual growth rate in China has been ranked first of traditional industry, but to integrate with the world market, have to accelerate the development of packaging technology, make it to develop in the direction of economic, high efficiency and multi-function. High-speed bag making machine, as a member of the packaging machinery industry important development steps rapidly in our country.



The development history of bag making machine and the present situation in China


Bag making machine in China since research and development, applied to the development of 20 years of history, it is on the basis of introduced Japanese equipment, through the digestion and absorption, PCB copy board from early can only produce 400 mm wide, speed only 20 meters per minute of bag making machine equipment, to now can produce speed below 150 meters, width 1000 mm per minute of bag making machine and a variety of more than 100 pieces per minute (fully automatic bag making machine, for the development of flexible packaging industry provides a large number of domestic equipment. In recent years, however, as the growth of the demand, China still needs a large number of imported bag making machine from Japan and other places. This also means that our bag making machine with a larger gap between advanced foreign countries.

Bag making machine characteristics of competition and copy board direction


Throughout the domestic and foreign most advanced full automatic sealing bag making machine equipment in the competition, the competition is the main equipment efficiency, namely high speed, high efficiency characteristics of the competition. Applied to the flexible packaging bag making machine equipment is integrating machine, electricity, light, gas, high mechanization, automation is the important direction of its development. For high speed, high efficiency to reduce the target product cost calculation, high flexible and flexibility, in order to suit the target product update changes. Therefore, flexible packaging bag making machine equipment when choosing target copy board, when at high speed, high efficiency for reference, and on this basis change PCB board, the second development of software and hardware upgrades, so as to improve the competitive ability of the equipment.


The bottleneck and key bag making machine PCB board instead


Today, however, sealing automatic bag making machine in advanced equipment at home and abroad has various technical parameters, and domestic in the equipment of the main differences are in the machine running speed. But to simply lift equipment running speed to improve equipment efficiency way has little space, the most advanced equipment stays on the speed of 12000 p, become the bottleneck of the device performance.



So, now a focus in the study of high-speed bag making machine not only improve equipment speed, but to further provide the working efficiency of the equipment and keep the equipment more high-speed, more efficient and industrialization of the production and application.