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Small offset printing machine maintenance knowledge

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Small offset printing machine maintenance knowledge, in order to ensure the quality of the printing work, printing equipment has to be clean, including the plate and ink roller cleaning.

Offset press on printing ink, rubber cloth to stick in the dust and paper coating material, so must be clean. Small printing enterprise usually use manual operation, with a special clean cloth, disposable paper or other cleaners cleaning tools, and large enterprises, usually equipped with special equipment is needed to replace most of the manual operation.

Version of the liquid is clean effect, it can direct the debris such as dust on the plate, the paper scraps, such as clean, do not need special treatment. But sometimes we must also be special cleaning plate, usually by manual operation to complete, but be careful not to let the liquid detergent pollution education version.

Occasionally, ink and ink roller also need cleaning. At this time, should first put the ink fountain to shave as far as possible, then fmkt8y in ink fountain wash dish with cleaner, through the ink roller drive cleaning the ink roller system.

Great Wall offset printing machine maintenance need regular maintenance, especially should pay attention to the gear, motor power system and transmission device and other parts. In addition, any necessary to add or replace lubricating oil should be noticed.

Again, the ink roller need heavy grinding, rectify or cleaning as well as the replacement of rubber cloth, and another job content of the maintenance.