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Offset printing machine must carry on the correct maintenanc

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To uphold and maintain good offset printing equipment, the operator and WeiXiuZhe should do the following maintenance points.

1, first of all, offset printing equipment is placed around the workshop environment must keep clean and tidy, create a better working environment and atmosphere through such can also make all employees to develop a good habit of civilized health.

2, must formulate and implement a set of equipment management rules, the offset printing equipment management to achieve the standardization, institutionalization, fundamentally strictly abide by the safety technical operation process.

3, the operator must be familiar with and understand the structure principle and properties of offset printing equipment, able to skillfully and proper use of equipment, ensure the machine can run reasonably. If found the failure, must be ruled out in time.

4, learn to read the instruction for use of offset printing equipment, offset printing equipment of the electrical schematic diagram, etc., can grasp the basic good control part and host electrical transmission operation and maintenance, familiar with drawing knowledge engineering language, after have a certain operation ability to the offset printing equipment for repair, must not blindly remove offset printing equipment.

5, WeiXiuZhe establish technical documents for each offset printing equipment, what are the detailed maintenance records, failure. To analysis the reason and make corresponding conclusion, in order to accumulate experience in maintenance.

6, to quantitative filling of equipment lubricating oil regularly, because the speed of the offset printing equipment in the high speed of 5000 copies per hour, go to two effects: one is cool, the second is lubrication. Among them to ensure that the oil flow is best to do regular check, check the wear condition of main components, avoid sudden and damage the machine.

7, in order to be able to eliminate accident hidden danger of the usual minor repair equipment is also very important, to do a good job quick-wear part of spare parts, so that we can shorten the maintenance time, and not great influence on working process, at the same time also can improve the utilization rate of equipment, to ensure the integrity of offset printing equipment. Now you know how to offset press equipment maintenance? Those without attention to offset press equipment maintenance and maintenance of printers, must on its maintenance and maintenance, preventive maintenance and can effectively improve the printing quality and to prolong the service life of offset press equipment.